Concerned individuals working to eliminate barriers to recovery

PAR Vision

We envision a Kentucky free of institutional, psychological, and systemic barriers to recovery.

PAR Mission

People Advocating Recovery is a group of concerned individuals working to eliminate barriers to recovery from substance use disorder.


PAR advocates for all people in recovery and provides safe spaces where anyone can feel like they belong.




From Faces & Voices of Recovery

“Recovery” from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a human experience as old as the human race itself.

It was not until the past decade that federal agencies, policy makers, service providers, and clinicians have begun considering recovery as a desirable outcome that is gradually supplanting mere reductions in drug and alcohol use as the goal of addiction treatment services. Source: Life In Recovery Survey (2013)

Approximate Percentage of US Adults, their families, friends, and allies in recovery
Estimated Number of US Adults In Recovery
Surveys Completed as Part of the Study
items representing experiences and indices of functioning in work, finances, legal, family, social, and citizenship domains; asked for both “in active addiction” and “since you entered recovery”

Recovery Advocacy Events

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Recovery Advocacy Day in April at the KY State Capitol and the Rally for Recovery during September's Recovery Month - These events are created and organized by people in long term recovery in an effort to build community for those in recovery. Through these events, we seek to raise awareness and strengthen the bonds between people in recovery, their families and friends and our community. We hope you will join us!

Advocate. Act. Advance.

Faces & Voices of Recovery

Faces & Voices of Recovery is dedicated to organizing and mobilizing the over 23 million Americans in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, our families, friends and allies into recovery community organizations and networks, to promote the right and resources to recover through advocacy, education and demonstrating the power and proof of long-term recovery.

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PAR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID# 20-1664735


Training & Technical Assistance

We offer a variety of training sessions for organizations and individuals to help them stay up-to-date in the ever-changing world of recovery advocacy.

Need a place to hold your next meeting, board retreat, or training? Use our space!


Our training room can be configured in various ways to accommodate up to 40 people. Includes use of our large television and kitchen area if needed.

Volunteer Services

NARCAN Refills

If you need a refill on Narcan, please fill out the form at the link below. An updated PAR Volunteer agreement on file is required. Thank you for your service.


What are people saying about PAR?

Mike (Barry) facilitated his messaging seminar in Georgetown on May 19 for the GRACE project-Guiding Recovery and Community Education. What an impact his message had for me. I will shift to recovery language and continue to advocate for community involvement and recovery solutions.
Karen B.
I was present for a (PAR) seminar today and it was so informative. I truly appreciate the time all of you have taken to provide this information to us. I look forward to more contact in the future.
Caroline B.

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