PAR serves as a technical assistance agency. If you are looking for opportunities for professional development, technical assistance, grassroot advocacy or board development – check out the trainings below and book a time for a customized consultation.

Casey’s Law Training It has become evident that judges and attorneys across the state are so unfamiliar with the law that it’s not being used correctly and in many cases not at all.

Voter Registration Education PAR has been working with a coalition for the last few years to restore voting rights to felons who have served their time. Chances are high that we may see a constitutional amendment. PAR would need to do a great deal of education to the public to show them why this is needed. PAR members can also work to get eligible voters registered and educated about the process of exercising their civil rights.

Advocacy Training PAR has conducted several advocacy trainings with great success on the “Nuts and Bolts of Advocacy.” We would like to spread these trainings across the state, especially in the eastern mountain region and the western part of the state.

Legislative Training Along with the “Nuts and Bolts of Advocacy” training PAR has also conducted several “Legislative” training sessions to show advocates how to participate in the legislative process and how it can make a difference to SA. These trainings have been held in the Frankfort area, which has been effective. Future trainings could be in Frankfort or in the local regions.

Messaging Training The most popular of our trainings has been the messaging training. The first ever in conjunction with Faces and Voices of Recovery was conducted in Louisville. Since then PAR has done 10 train-the-trainer sessions in the last two years for many organizations. Most of the sessions have been attended by 75 or more people each time. I’ll be doing another in Kansas City, Mo. in August sponsored by that region’s ATTC. Additional messaging trainings are needed in the rural areas and smaller cities of Kentucky.

Know Your Rights Training PAR has now taken the lead in the “Know Your Rights” training originally conducted by the Legal Action Center and it’s proven to be very popular.

Blueprint For The States Advocacy Institute One session earlier this year proved to be very popular and there are request from other parts of the state to do this in those areas. These institutes link advocates with their elected officials to discuss policy issues related to the state’s response to addiction.

Recovery Coaching CCAR conducts a Train the Trainer program. PAR should replicate this program for KY. A Recovery Coach is defined as anyone interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery.

Town Hall Meetings