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Hospitals Brace Patients For Pain To Reduce Risk Of Opioid Addiction
Doctors at some of the country's largest hospital chains admit they went overboard with opioids to make people as pain-free as possible. Now the doctors shoulder part of the blame for the country's opioid crisis. In an effort to be part of the cure, they've begun to issue an uncomfortable warning to patients: You're going to feel some pain. Even for those who've never struggled with drug use, studies are finding that patients are at risk of addiction anytime they go under the knife. more

They call them "junkie hunters" or "body brokers."
Many, who are recovering addicts themselves, prey on vulnerable, frightened and desperate people in the grip of addiction -- and their distraught family members -- with promises of posh treatment, free housing, money, and other comforts if they go to a specific treatment or sober living facility that is out-of-state. They have deals with unregulated facilities -- reportedly many are in Florida -- and they get a kick-back for referring the addict. more

WellCare Provides $35,000 to Support Addiction Recovery Programs
In the face of a growing opioid abuse epidemic, WellCare of Kentucky is donating $35,000 to support addiction recovery programs in Louisville and eastern Kentucky. more

The Grey Area With The New Green: Cannabis For Addicts In Recovery
With the legalization of marijuana in some of the United States, the land of opportunity and capitalism is gradually becoming the land of the red, white… and green. As Americans we have always been interested how to manifest our destiny by profit… and now thanks to the newest laws passed, cannabis seems to be the newest way to make some green. It’s estimated that the cannabis industry is on track to post $24.5 billion in sales by 2021. more

He overcame prescription-induced opioid addiction to become doctoral student, establish a nonprofit
Alex Elswick is earning his doctorate degree at the University of Kentucky. He’s the founder of a nonprofit organization and a leader in the fight against the opioid epidemic. Elswick is also in long-term recovery from an opioid use disorder. more

Armed with new data, officials target 'drug-dealing' doctors
Federal prosecutors say a strategy that gives them better access to drug and health-care data is helping them stop doctors who irresponsibly prescribe addictive pain pills. It's called the Justice Department's Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Unit. The unit provides authorities in 12 regions with information on which doctors are prescribing the most, how far patients will travel to see them and whether any have died within 60 days of receiving a prescription. The unit's first indictment involved a Pittsburgh doctor accused of prescribing opioid painkillers to people who did not need them. Such pills are blamed for ushering the nation into its worst drug crisis in history. Some experts say the focus may cause patients who legitimately need pills to be abandoned by doctors who fear prosecution. more

We mobilized against flu, cancer and heart attacks. Where's the urgency on opioids?
Our nation is not yet succeeding in addressing the opioid crisis, as exemplified by the latest drug overdose numbers just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 2016, we lost more than 63,000 Americans to drug overdoses broadly, an increase of 21% over the previous year. The relentless devastation is being felt by far too many families and communities. The country’s response to this problem has been hampered by our failure to recognize addiction as a disease that requires comprehensive health solutions. more

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