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Postponed Until Further Notice
5 Day Recovery Coach Academy
Join us April 20-24, 2020

The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© is a 5-day intensive training course. The course focuses on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor, and support others.  In addition to anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Furthermore it is also for those simply wishing to learn more about recovery.  In addition to those who wish to take their own personal recovery to a deeper level. LRCC, Louisville, KY

Kentucky judge changes approach to drug court students after woman's overdose death
A Kentucky judge is taking a new approach to those who enter drug court after realizing the old method wasn't leading to recovery. Circuit Court Judge Brian Privett has made his way up the ranks. Just a few years ago, he was a prosecutor for Bourbon County's drug court -- a program to keep people with substance use disorders on the right track. more

Delta will begin carrying powerful overdose-reversal drug on flights
Delta Air Lines said it will add naloxone, a medication that reverses overdoses, to its emergency medical kits starting in the fall. The company made the decision to carry the drug, which is often sold under the brand name Narcan, after a passenger tweeted that a man died aboard one of its flights. The passenger reportedly passed out in the bathroom with a needle in his arm during a flight from Boston to Los Angeles on Saturday, and flight attendants, a doctor and passengers couldn’t save him. more

Ex-Cons Find Second Chances Easier to Get in Tight Labor Market
Fontella Hampton was recently promoted to shift leader at the MOD Pizza chain. Two years ago, simply getting and holding down a job was a daunting prospect. Hampton, 53, was behind bars in the Logan Correctional Center near Springfield, Illinois, after being convicted of domestic battery. She’d previously served time for drug possession. more

Police: People Overdosing On Synthetic Meth Made From Wasp Spray
Police in West Virginia say that people are now turning to wasp spray to give them a “meth-like” high. State Police told WRGB that wasp spray is being used as an alternative to methamphetamine in Boone County. more
Federal data shows opioid shipments ballooned as crisis grew

Newly released federal data shows how drugmakers and distributors increased shipments of opioid painkillers across the U.S. as the nation’s addiction crisis accelerated from 2006 to 2012. more

Kentucky business leaders call for shift in approach applicants recovering from drug abuse
The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce held a summit that was the first of its kind in the state. The summit focused on helping businesses in the state better understand how to appropriately handle and hire those in recovery from a substance abuse disorder. The chamber expected 70 businesses to show, but 270 ended up coming to the event Monday in Lexington more

Louisville passes ordinance telling police not to prioritize marijuana possession
The Louisville Metro Council has passed an ordinance that tells police officers not to prioritize marijuana possession. Filed in May by four Democrats on the Metro Council, the ordinance will create a new city code making "investigation, citations, and arrests" relating to adult possession of a "small amount of marijuana" the lowest law enforcement priority. more

Ohio House Passes Bill To Favor Addiction Treatment Over Prison
The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed a bill giving courts options to divert those charged with drug crimes away from prison and into treatment programs. It now goes on to the Senate, which also has a drug crimes sentencing reform measure of its own. more

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