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Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy
Natural Bridge State Park-August 14-16, 2017

The Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy is an opportunity for those who wish to become leaders throughout Kentucky in the field of substance abuse/recovery and mental health to collaborate and further enhance their skills.

The definition of leadership we use is:
Leadership is a process of influence that generates the commitment and capabilities required to translate vision into reality.

Download the Information and Application Package

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Rally 4 Recovery 2017 and
Sober Walk

Opioid Addiction Rose Five-fold from 2010 to 2016: Study
The number of people covered by the health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield who were diagnosed with an opioid addiction rose almost 500 percent from 2010 to 2016, CNN reports. The findings, from a study by the insurer, found few patients receive any treatment for their addiction. During the study period, there was only a 65 percent increase in the number of patients who received medication-assisted treatment for their addiction. more

New on the streets: Drug for nerve pain boosts high for opioid abusers
On April 5, Ciera Smith sat in a car parked on the gravel driveway of the Rural Women’s Recovery Program here with a choice to make: go to jail or enter treatment for her addiction. more

UPDATE: Officials warn of extremely dangerous batch of heroin in Boyd County
First responders from several departments in Boyd County from Ashland and Catlettsburg Police, the Boyd County Sheriff, Boyd County EMS, and the coroner's office were busy with several calls of drug overdoses, mostly heroin, Friday night. more

Imprisoning Drug Offenders Doesn’t Affect Use, Study Says
Sending more people to prison for drug offenses won't have an effect on drug use and deaths, according to a new analysis released this week. Researchers from the Pew Charitable Trusts crunched state-by-state data on drug imprisonment, drug use, overdoses and drug arrests and found no evidence that they affected one another. more

How to recognize heroin addiction and help with recovery
When laying out life plans and dreaming about the future, people don’t usually include drug addiction in their vision. Sometimes, a person gets entangled in addiction because of peer pressure, depression, or stress. Once he starts, he will likely have great difficulty overcoming the addiction alone, especially in the case of heroin addiction. This suffering person needs the help of friends and family for support and encouragement. more

Indiana Adding 5 Sites for Opioid Addiction Treatment
State officials are adding five treatment centers around Indiana for people dealing with addictions to pain-killing opioid drugs. more

Why is addiction a disease? Here's the brain on heroin
Medical science says there is no question: Addiction is a disease. Just consider what happens in the brain, says Dr. Mike "Mina" Kalfas, a certified addiction specialist in Northern Kentucky. When heroin gets into the brain it acts like a key unlocking an intense euphoria. It stimulates receptors that trigger the primitive limbic system in the brain, which is below conscious control. more

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