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Haunted by death of employee, Louisville restaurant owner vows to create 'safe haven' for other addicts
In 2010, Sal and Cindy Rubino closed their Paristown Pointe restaurant for a week while they left town for a much-needed family vacation. One of their employees, a beloved hostess, had begged them not to shut it down. She worked at The Café six days a week, and as a recovering addict, she needed the job to stay focused, Sal Rubino said. more

WARNING: Authorities say 'Gray Death' made its way to Indiana earlier this week
The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is warning Hoosiers about a dangerous new drug that made its way to Indiana earlier this week. It's called Gray Death -- and officials say it doesn't just kill drug users on minimal contact, but also first responders arriving at scenes contaminated by the drug. It's described as, "a particularly dangerous mixture of heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil and other synthetic opiods." more

SPECIAL REPORT: Is addiction a choice or a disease?
Part of battling the growing drug epidemic is understanding what it is: It's an addiction. While many argue that addiction is a personal choice, most experts say it's anything but. The general consensus among psychiatrists and counselors is that addiction is a brain disease. more

Addiction in America: Changing Perceptions on Treatment
Watching the news or catching up on Netflix’s most popular series, you’ll notice a trend in what Americans are watching on television: Addiction, both glamorized and raw, is more prevalent than ever in the media. more

The Fear of Drug Addiction
There is no doubt that the fear factor is a major reason those suffering from addiction refuse to seek much needed rehabilitation assistance. Below we will explain 2 strands of this fear as well as explaining why it must be overcome. An unwanted, never-ending cycle: Addiction to any drug can be all-consuming. It becomes a constant in a person’s thoughts and actions. more

Opioid Addiction Resources from the National Library of Medicine and Connected Sites
Drug and Addiction Information and Tools for Patrons and Healthcare Providers more

Epidemic: new report shows heroin use on the rise in Kentucky
Kentucky's heroin epidemic is getting worse. Numbers released by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky shows 17 percent of adults now say they have a family member or friend struggling with heroin addiction. Data shows Louisville and northern Kentucky are the hardest hit areas of the state with heroin usage nearly doubling since 2013. more

Florida House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill That Bans Smoking Weed
Florida's House of Representatives proved today there is nothing its grubby little hands can't screw up. After more than 72 percent of voters statewide voted to legalize medicinal marijuana for people with "debilitating diseases," a term that includes cancer, AIDS, and Alzheimer's, the Florida House today passed its own series of rules regulating the state's new medical weed industry. more

Multipronged approach needed to turn tide in addiction fight
Improving the health of our communities is at the very heart of Mercy Health’s mission and there are few greater immediate threats to our communities than the opiate epidemic, which has hit southwest Ohio particularly hard. more

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