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Money from opioid lawsuit settlements should be used to fight drug epidemic, Beshear says
Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear threw his support Wednesday behind a bill that would require money obtained from opioid lawsuit settlements and fines recovered by his office to go into a permanent fund to support drug prevention educators, police and treatment providers. “As the opioid epidemic is devastating families and communities by claiming more than 30 lives a week in Kentucky, it is also wrecking our economy,” said Beshear at a news conference in his Capitol office with several lawmakers. more

Report: More than 312,000 felons can't vote in Kentucky
A new report shows Kentucky has more than 312,000 people who cannot vote because of a felony conviction, a 67 percent increase from 2006. Kentucky is one of three states that impose lifetime voting bans on people with felony convictions. A report from the League of Women Voters of Kentucky shows 92 percent of those with felony convictions have been released from prison or jail and live in the community, but cannot vote. more

Employment symposium to teaches benefits of hiring people recovering from addiction
The South Louisville Opioid Task Force is hosted an employment symposium Jan. 29 to educate businesses about how they can benefit from hiring people who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. more

Make substance abuse disorder treatment available when needed By: Kim Moser and Bruce Scott, MD
Years of struggling, lost employment, disconnection from family, a feeling of hopelessness—all common issues faced by those suffering from substance abuse disorder. In many cases, interaction with the criminal justice system can also be added to the list. more

Kentucky GOP lawmaker introduces marijuana decriminalization bill
A Kentucky Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill which would lessen penalties for marijuana possession. Sen. Jimmy Higdon, R - Lebanon, is the sponsor of Senate Bill 82, which would make the penalty for possessing marijuana for personal use only a prepayable non-criminal fine. more

The current prior authorization process being utilized by payers creates roadblocks for patients trying to access medications and treatment recommended by their trusted physicians, increases health care costs, and restricts health care providers from doing their jobs effectively.
Current Legislation Filed: Senate Bill 54, sponsored by Sen. Alvarado, would enhance access to prior authorization information and remove several barriers for patients trying to access medications and treatment and allow providers to make decisions regarding care instead of insurance companies. SB54 has been assigned to the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. House Bill 121, sponsored by Rep. Kim Moser, would prohibit insurers from setting requirements or using certain utilization reviews for certain prescription drugs used to treat opioid use disorder and amend KRS 205.536 to prohibit the Department for Medicaid Services or a Medicaid managed care organization from setting requirements or using certain utilization reviews for certain prescription drugs used to treat opioid use disorder. HB121 has been assigned to the House Health and Family Services Committee. more

The mature stoner: why are so many seniors smoking weed?
As attitudes towards cannabis shift, the fastest-growing group of users is over 50 – and marijuana’s popularity among seniors is beginning to change the American experience of old age. more

Even a little marijuana may change teen brain, study finds
Researchers say even one or two joints cause changes in areas of the brain involved in emotion-related processing, learning and forming memories. Low levels of marijuana use — as few as one or two times — may change the teen brain, according to a new study. more

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