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Felony drug convictions should not ban Kentucky families from food stamps – for life
As the number of Kentuckians affected by the opioid epidemic and our broken criminal justice system continues to escalate, bipartisan policymakers must work together to help the thousands of families devastated by these crises. Lifting the lifetime ban on SNAP food assistance benefits and TANF for people convicted of drug felonies could help address both emergencies. more

Substance abuse among veterans increasing as mental health issues go untreated, study finds
More U.S. military veterans are struggling with substance abuse and half of returning service members who need mental health treatment don't seek out care, according to newly released data. more

Oakland in California decriminalizes magic mushrooms and peyote
First pot, now ‘shrooms. Oakland City Council in California on Tuesday voted unanimously to decriminalize hallucinogenic fungi, otherwise known as “magic mushrooms.” The vote makes Oakland the second U.S. city to decriminalize the natural hallucinogens after Denver decriminalized them on May 8. more

Lawmakers vow to push stiffer regulations on addiction treatment in California
After disturbing reports of death, sexual assault, drug abuse and paying for patients inside California’s loosely regulated addiction treatment industry, an across-the-aisle team of lawmakers has banded together to fundamentally change the rules of the game. The new Bi-Partisan Legislative Substance Abuse Treatment Working Group seeks to significantly expand state oversight, improve patient protections and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent on programs that work. more

Congressional report: Purdue Pharma influenced World Health Organization’s opioid guidelines
A new congressional report claims that the World Health Organization’s guidelines on treating pain were directly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, including a set of directions for prescribing powerful painkillers that appear to have been taken from opioid giant Purdue Pharma. more

Behind the Numbers: Alcohol is Killing More People Than the Opioid Epidemic. Why Aren't We Talking About It?
We hear a lot about the opioid crisis, and rightly so. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 77,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2017. Around 44,800 of those died from an opioid overdose, a nearly five-fold increase over the 8,000 people who overdosed in 1999. Yet, more people died from alcohol use in 2017. Alcohol caused approximately 88,000 deaths each year in the U.S. from the years 2006 to 2010. Why isn’t alcohol getting similar attention? It is the third leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. more

Charlotte 'recovery school' opening for students fighting addiction
A recovery school for students battling addiction is set to open in east Charlotte, NC this Fall. The Emerald School of Excellence, a private school, will begin classes at Memorial United Methodist Church off Central Avenue. Students will share a common connection of being in recovery. The school said it will offer a hands-on approach with recovery experts, while also teaching school classes. more

Kentucky School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies
Please join us for the 46th KY School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, July 21-25, 2019, in Louisville, KY!  Whether you attend for one day or all five, you will come away with new information, new professional contacts and a renewed sense of purpose. The morning plenaries and the wide variety of workshops are aimed at offering something for everyone. more

A Wise Pause on Marijuana Legalization
New Jersey and New York are right to be wary of unintended consequences.
The state-by-state march toward marijuana legalization has run into a wall in two left-leaning states. Faced with objections from parents, teachers, police and others concerned about public safety, New Jersey and New York are poised to shelve legislation that would allow recreational pot smoking. more

New drug tip-line created for Indiana residents
Residents of the following counties: Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, and Washington may now call 812-248-4378 to anonymously report possible drug activity to Indiana State Police. more

What is American Opioid?
American Opioid is a crowdsourced encyclopedia of the opioid crisis that will allow the public to understand how it was experienced in all fifty states from a variety of perspectives. These firsthand accounts will be in both text and audio format. Anyone who has an experience to share is encouraged to contribute. more

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