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Consumers flooded with dubious claims about marijuana’s health benefits
Spend a few minutes surfing Twitter and you’re likely to encounter a startling claim that comes without proof: Cannabis cures cancer. The online world is awash with such posts, startling scientists and physicians who are urging marijuana proselytizers to hit the brakes. more

Battling the despair of opioid addiction in an unexpected place
Kenton County, KY jail. Sam Hall sat on his narrow bed, his thin frame propped up against the concrete wall, periodically glancing up from a well-worn paperback novel. He was waiting for his afternoon addiction recovery meeting to begin. more

70,000 Opioid Deaths Weren't Counted, Study Suggests
More than 70,000 opioid-related deaths were not counted in the U.S., a new study estimates, suggesting that the epidemic may be more severe than previously thought. more

Rejected by A.A.
How the 12 Step program and its decades-old philosophy are exacerbating the opioid crisis

The applause rang out in the drab meeting hall across the river from David Hockenbury’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. David’s heart was pounding, and he felt his cheeks flush under the gaze of the large group gathered there on a spring night in 2016. It had been 30 days since he had last flexed his arm, found a vein, and spiked it with a dose of heroin—and now, in a ritual common to many Alcoholics Anonymous groups, he was being called on to receive his first sobriety chip. more

Fighting addiction
It's a disease that can take over almost anyone's life... the young, the old, the weak, and the strong. It's addiction. Michaelle Hohl was addicted to tranquilizers, opioids and alcohol for eleven years before she realized there is more to life than how she was living it. She woke up one morning after what she used to call her "lost weekends" and said to herself, "If this is all there is to life, I don't want to live anymore." more

Kids’ exposure to addiction drug rose 215% in three years, study says
More than 11,200 calls concerning children’s exposure to buprenorphine, an opioid medication used to treat opioid use disorder, were made to US poison control centers from 2007 to 2016, a new study found. Eighty-six percent of the exposures were in children below the age of 6; 89% of the exposures were unintentional. more

Cigna plans nationwide curb of opioid addiction through prevention and treatment efforts
Insurance giant Cigna announced plans for a nationwide effort to further reduce the number of opioid overdoses in its patient population by 25% by December 2021. The company says it will work with employers, prescribing physicians and other clinicians, pharmacists?, customers and community-based organizations on prevention and treatment remedies to curtail addiction. more

Strength training reduces heroin use by altering key neurological system, study finds
Strength training may reduce substance abuse. A new study published in Psychopharmacology has found evidence that resistance exercise reduces the reinforcing effects of heroin in a rat model of addiction. “Scientists and clinicians have recently developed an interest in examining the ability of exercise to reduce drug abuse and prevent relapse. Over the past several years, several preclinical laboratories have shown that aerobic forms of exercise (e.g., running) decreases the intake of alcohol, nicotine, opioids, and stimulants in laboratory rats,” explained study author Mark Smith, a psychology professor at Davidson College. more

I’m a Cop and I’m in Recovery From Heroin.
Now I’m Working To Support Other First Responders.My name is Michael Koch and I was a police officer for 19 years. In 2000, I promoted to undercover narcotics detective for a term of 4 years and transferred to property crimes for 3. I went back for a 6- year term as a narcotics detective until my life changed forever on 01-19-2012 when I was arrested. more

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