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Many businesses won’t hire former addicts. This restaurant welcomes them.
Rob and Diane Perez are the brains and leading energy behind one of Lexington’s most successful restaurant concepts, Saul Good. You’ll find their eateries anchoring a corner of The Square in downtown Lexington, on Alysheba Way in Hamburg Pavilion, and in Fayette Plaza, next to Fayette Mall. The couple also works behind the scenes for the community. That spirit now has a more public face in a new eatery on South Broadway called DV8 Kitchen. Tom Martin talked with Rob Perez about this unusual concept. more

Opioid epidemic in Kentucky is 'a public health catastrophe,' experts tell lawmakers
It wasn't until his second year of a residency in a prestigious anesthesiology program at Johns Hopkins University that Dr. Michael Sprintz's addiction caught up with him and he was kicked out of the program and into treatment. more

Latest federal research: opioid crisis in the US mostly fueled by painkillers
The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) provides the most recent estimated figures on the opioid crisis, which has been mostly fueled by prescriptions painkillers rather than heroin. Released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) last week, the NSDUH shows that almost 12 million people engaged in some kind of past-year opioid misuse in 2016 — of which more than 11 million misused a prescription opioid painkiller while slightly less than 950,000 people misused heroin. more

Insurers asked to ante up with financial incentives to curb opioid epidemic
Andy Beshear, Kentucky's attorney general, has joined 37 other states in announcing a new approach to reduce the flow of addictive opioid pain medicine. Beshear and his counterparts, including Curtis T. Hill Jr. in Indiana, are urging health insurance companies to create financial incentives for pain management treatment other than prescribing opioids, unless the medication is for cancer patients. more
How bad is Kentucky’s drug crisis? AG Andy Beshear helped pull a dying man from a car.
As Kentucky’s chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Andy Beshear spends a good deal of time warning people about the dangers of heroin and pain pills, but he hadn’t seen an overdose in person until Sept. 7. more

Louisville files lawsuit against opioid distributors that put 'zombies on our streets'
Louisville filed a federal lawsuit Monday demanding that three major drug distributors pay it millions of dollars for the deadly opioid epidemic. "As I walk and ride through our city, I see how the opioid crisis has literally put people walking like zombies on our streets either walking the streets or just slumped on the streets," Mayor Greg Fischer said during a news conference at Metro Hall. more

Families seek involuntary commitment laws as key tool in saving opioid addicts
Five years ago, Lauren Davis was in “a living hell on earth” as she tried desperately to push her best friend into treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction. “He was in repeated crisis, repeated overdose, repeated suicide attempts,” Davis recalled of her friend, Ricky Garcia. A Seattle resident, Davis sought help everywhere, from social workers to doctors, with the same response at each turn: “I’m sorry, he’s dying and there’s nothing you can do.” more

Some treatment centers keep addicts hooked for insurance $$$
The Reflections treatment center looked like just the place for Michelle Holley's youngest daughter to kick heroin. Instead, as with dozens of other Florida substance abuse treatment facilities, the owner was more interested in defrauding insurance companies by keeping addicts hooked, her family says. more

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