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Pennsylvania coroner: Heroin deaths are now homicides
There were two dozen drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania's Lycoming County last year—each labeled accidental. Then coroner Charles Kiessling had to pronounce his friend's son dead from a heroin overdose, though he'd promised the victim's mother he'd talk to him about overcoming his addiction. more

Treating Opioid Addiction With A Drug Raises Hope And Controversy
Scientists and doctors say the case is clear: The best way to tackle the country's opioid epidemic is to get more people on medications that have been proven in studies to reduce relapses and, ultimately, overdoses. more

Silence the stigma: Warsaw, Indiana meeting addresses painkiller addiction
The roads pose enough dangers, but the larger problem may be looming in the medicine cabinet. More fatal opioid overdoses occur than car accident deaths, said Dr. Gregory Eigner, Associate Program Director at the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program. more

Treatment for addicts: Foundation helps addicts recover as opioid deaths soar
Scraps of newspaper obituaries, photographs of the departed and handwritten notes in memory of loved ones collage the bottom third of a sectioned-off piece of the wall at the McShin  more

The Dirty Secret Behind America's Addiction to Painkillers
When America saw the first signs of an opioid addiction epidemic in the mid 1990s, one major mystery began to fester. Pharmacology research has long suggested that drugs that take effect slowly and last for a long time are likely to be less addictive than those that hit fast and crash faster. In fact, that's at least part of why FDA officials felt like they were on safe ground when they approved Oxycontin—the first long-acting form of the opioid oxycodone—in 1995. more

Doctors must lead us out of our opioid abuse epidemic
Veteran doctors don't need a blood test to tell when someone is on the verge of a drug overdose. They can even narrow down the culprit by observation alone. Dilated pupils mean cocaine, amphetamines, maybe LSD. Constricted pupils mean an opiate. more (Video/audio)

Once unthinkable in US, drug shoot-up rooms get serious look
Across the United States, heroin users have died in alleys behind convenience stores, on city sidewalks and in the bathrooms of fast-food joints - because no one was around to save them when they overdosed. more

Spice: Americans turn to dangerous 'synthetic marijuana' to evade drug tests
Makers of ‘fake weed’ continually alter its chemical makeup to skirt laws, but users face serious dangers, from kidney failure to stroke.  more

Looming marijuana ruling could limit federal prosecutions
Rolland Gregg and his family have fought federal marijuana charges for more than three years, arguing that the roughly 70 marijuana plants investigators found on their Washington property were for their own medicinal use and fully complied with state law. more

40 Years Ago the Unthinkable Happened
Forty years ago today, on May 9, 1976, an unusual press conference was held at the old Shoreham Americana Hotel in Washington, D.C. more

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