Your Support and Services are needed!

We will be celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of RECOVERY MONTH with a Rally for Recovery!
Saturday, September 25, 2021
11 AM- 3 PM
Located: 615 S 3rd Street
(Parking Lot)
Louisville, KY 40202

What is the Rally for Recovery? Would your organization like to host a table at the event?

The Rally for Recovery is an annual event organized by people in long term recovery from a substance use disorder, their families, and friends. It is primarily a community building effort; we seek to strengthen the bonds between people in recovery, their families and friends and our community.

We are also engaged in building an attractive culture of recovery in Kentucky, with the belief that everyone has a right to, and is capable of, recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Not too many years ago we started our first rally in Frankfort and attracted only a handful of people. Last year, even with the rain, that number increased to around 1,000 people that attended along with families and friends.

Our goals are to reduce the negative perceptions associated with substance use disorders/recovery. It has been our experience, based on our own recoveries, that this road is filled with obstacles that hinder reintegration into society. We feel it is important that people who have chosen the recovery path be able to obtain housing, employment, and other necessities without prejudice. Which is why we are contacting you today, we would like to invite your organization to host a table at the RALLY FOR RECOVERY! There is a fee to register as a table host to help us cover the cost for all services on the day of the event. If you would like to make other contributions, please see our sponsorship level brochure, or you can sponsor a dozen butterflies that will be released at the event for those we have lost during these unprecedented times.

PAR and YPR are working to broaden its base of support by reaching out to the business community. We offer several contribution levels. Sponsoring our rally puts your company name in front of people who are likely to patronize your business. It also bolsters your business’s reputation, sending a clear message that you support the community building efforts of those who seek not to use alcohol and other drugs.

Your generous support will make sure we can provide food, fun, refreshments, and entertainment for our entire recovery community and our new friends who will have the opportunity to see that recovery is possible and that over 23 million Americans are in recovery today enjoying healthy lives and giving back to their communities.

We are asking if you would like to host a table at the RALLY FOR RECOVERY you register by contacting Mike Barry and pay a registration fee of $50.00 per table. You can make your check(s) payable to People Advocating Recovery or donate via PayPal at

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to your support.

Mike Barry
CEO-People Advocating Recovery
Tara Moseley Hyde

PAR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID# 20-1664735

Checks made payable to People Advocating Recovery
Address:415 Benjamin Lane Suite 102 Louisville, Ky. 40222