2022-2023 Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy (General Butler State Park – August 31, September 1 & 2, 2022)

July 18, 2022 By People Advocating Recovery

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2022-2023 Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy
General Butler State Park (UPDATED)
August 31, September 1 & 2, 2022

General Butler State Park

General Butler State Park

The Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy is an opportunity for those who wish to become leaders throughout Kentucky in the field of substance abuse/recovery and mental health to collaborate and further enhance their skills.

Since 2005, participants in the Leadership Academy have been challenged to grow both individually and professionally. The larger outcome of the Leadership Academy Challenge Projects has been widespread influence throughout law enforcement, prevention, recovery and treatment arenas, and many of the results of these Challenge Projects have continued to be widely used today.

The definition of leadership we use is: Leadership is a process of influence that generates the commitment and capabilities required to translate vision into reality.

Leadership a process that creates change. It’s the role of leadership to bring about change, to drive innovation, encouraging people to do different things differently.

Leadership is about influence and therefore is a social process, with the result being the willingly commitment by people to the vision and the process of change.

Given that leadership is about change it requires the development of new capabilities required to translate vision into reality.

The Leadership Academy views leadership as a set of interrelated capabilities and provides a lens to assist a leader to develop a robust approach and guide for action. This leadership framework is based around five interrelated leadership capabilities, each supported by a number of leadership practices. These five leadership capabilities include leadership context, setting direction, building capability, inspiring commitment and personal effectiveness.

Specifically, during the 3-day workshop and the two retreats, the Leadership Academy cohort will be introduced to skills required to become the next leaders in their fields, including building coalitions and teams, effective strategic planning, communication, decision-making, creativity, resolution of conflicts, dealing with diversity, press relations and messaging, and more.  They will also hear about the histories of substance abuse and recovery and mental health treatment in the State of Kentucky to gain context for their work.  The teaching methodology during the Leadership Academy includes techniques they can employ immediately in their own workplaces.

In addition, the Leadership Academy participants will be required to work on a team of their Leadership Academy peers for the entire year, creating and regularly reporting on projects that will be designed by them to greatly benefit their fields.  These projects are the legacies the Leadership Academy members leave behind as a service to their fields.  They will also be required to read and review current leadership literature provided to them both before and during their Leadership Academy year, and complete other assignments as directed.

2022-2023 Mike Townsend Leadership Academy  Participant Profile Application

The Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy is a professional development opportunity for those in the field of addictions and mental health. The purpose of this initiative is to develop leadership talent and skills for the future of these fields.

The Leadership Academy consists of a three-day intensive workshop and two follow‐up retreat sessions throughout the year. The follow‐up sessions will be held in October 2022 and April 2023 at state parks and will require travel on the part of participants. In addition to the time spent together, participants are expected to actively participate in the Leadership Academy throughout the year.

The cost is a $150.00 non-refundable fee once accepted which covers 24.5 CEUs and all materials.

(Approved for Social Work (NASW-KY-01-U8—17)17.  Approved for continuing education requirements for community support specialist per 908 KAR 2:250, adult peer support specialist per 908 KAR 2:220, family support specialist per 908 KAR 2:230, youth peer support specialist per 908 KAR 2:240 and targeted case management per 908 KAR 2:260.)

Participants will pay for all travel, room, and meals at General Butler State Park for the 3 day workshop and the one day retreat and the April one day retreat at a location to be decided. Deadline for submission is August 8 COB.

Before attending, we must receive your deposit and at that time, you will receive further instructions on reserving your room at General Butler State Park.

Leaders and Presenters

Mike Barry, Board President, People Advocating Recovery (PAR), has had his share of broad life experiences from which to draw. By age 40 he had reached the peak of his profession as a TV News Anchor, reporter, and producer. But behind the polished image of success was a man already overwhelmed by the disease of alcoholism. His story is more common than you think, which is why the driving passion of his life today is to help others in need of a new life, free from addiction and in long-term recovery, he himself found. His new calling as an advocate for the recovery movement is enhanced by his training and experience in broadcasting and technology. His unique combination of talent, energy and devotion to the cause has placed Mike Barry at the heart of this movement.  He travels the country seeking to educate others about addiction, to remove barriers and discrimination, and thus enable those in long-term recovery and no longer using alcohol or other drugs to become productive members of society.  In 2005 Barry was awarded the Kentucky School’s Advocate of the Year Award and the Vernon Johnson Award from Faces of Voices of Recovery in 2011.

Tim Schladand LCSW, LCADC, CDWF

  • Founded a bi-weekly support group for men (Men of Louisville) in November, 1991.
  • Founded New Warrior Louisville, a local chapter of the Mankind Project, an international organization devoted to empowering men to missions of service. (1993)
  • Developed an experiential program to facilitate men and women to confront gender differences. This workshop was presented at Baptist Hospital East (1994/95), Crescent Hill Baptist Church (1994), Bellarmine University (1994/96/98, 2002).
  • Appeared on numerous local media outlets to discuss men’s issues. These include WAVE, WLKY, WHAS (radio and TV) and a local public access program.
  • Developed and presented to Hospice of Louisville workshop titled: Men and Grief. (1997/99)
  • Presented to Hospice of Louisville a workshop titled: Substance Abuse and the Hospice patient. The workshop presented clinical interventions for Hospice caregivers working in the filed with patients and families. (1997)
  • Created a Drug prevention workshop using drumming and storytelling. This program has been presented at numerous elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Volunteer instructor to University of Louisville medical students on placement at the Healing Place. A local homeless shelter for men and women operated by the Jefferson County Medical Society. (1996-2000)
  • Certified Co-Leader in The ManKind Project. (1998)
  • Served as a consortium faculty member at the Kent School of social Work, University of Louisville. (1999-2001)
  • Developed and presented a class for the Louisville School of Massage: Communications and Boundaries for the Massage Therapist. (1997-2009)
  • Founded The Center for Visionary Studies, a local for-profit organization dedicated to creating cutting-edge therapeutic training opportunities in the Louisville area, I.e.; Hakomi Body Centered Psycho-Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Matrix of Group Leadership and Hellinger Family Constellations.
  • Certified Full Leader The ManKind Project, leader New Warrior Training Adventures in numerous communities throughout the United States, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. (2002-2011)

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