Food For Thought…

January 29, 2021 By Aaron Young

Dona Daubitz Barry MS, LPCABy Dona Daubitz Barry MS, LPCA
Owner, Spiritual Energy Solutions LLC


I had a conversation this last week in relationship to thoughts, emotions and behavior and what my choices are today. If I have a knife… am I going to peel an apple or harm someone… when I get behind the wheel of a car… am I choosing to drive in harmony or am I using that car as a weapon…. and there’s many more….

The world is my mirror of what is going on inside of me…What is in my heart, mind and emotions… it will be acted upon eventually… to take the momentum out of old thoughts, emotions and behaviors takes practice of laying of new ideas… there’s so many influences that we get drawn into… and there are tools to use… that is why… before I have a knee-jerk reaction or judgment, I need to back off, take my claws out of it and practice new thoughts, emotions and behaviors… and this is a hard one sometimes… backing off from someone who is very harmful and try being compassionate toward them knowing that they are hurting and full of fear… it’s easy to love and be compassionate towards somebody who is nice all the time…. but sometimes not so much when they are hurtful…

So it is my responsibility to become aware…to be loving toward myself and practice the change of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that I want to see in others…practice

Practice being compassionate towards myself and others…

When I work on myself…. process and release resentments and fears…that I have tools for… it puts me in another level of understanding… even the ones that don’t “get it” … and all of this has come to fruition because of the work that I do on myself.

The world is my mirror of what is going on inside of me…

The tools for practice for me was shaped by the experiences that I had personally. The practices that I used gave me a perception of the experience. I received positive results from those experiences. The next step was to continue to practice until another perception grew from that. Thus…evolving into other ideas and concepts that lead to shedding of the old practice and coming into a new, evolved practice, thus change in thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are deeper and more meaningful that led to different behaviors.

The internal workings of mind and emotion fed from internal pure positive energy which I call Source. The leading of this Source is a constant and preparing the mind to receive the guidance is a clearing to receive. The receiving is called the inspiration to act on. To act on anything less is a waste of time.



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Dona Daubitz Barry is a Reiki Master, providing meditation groups and teaching Law of Attraction.

Reiki is helping the person to align with their energy for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes healing.

Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Dona Daubitz Barry MS, LPCA


I am a person that is in long term recovery which means that I have not used drugs or alcohol for 32 years to change my perception of this world.

I have had experience in the business world as a hairdresser and manager, the trucking rental industry, restaurant work and management. I substitute taught for Jefferson County Public Schools for thirteen years, full time for fifteen years, retired from the school system, substitute taught for Southern Indiana around five years. I have worked in a private counseling business for five years, took a break for two and a half years and returned part time for the past year.

My passion is helping others to help themselves. It is so rewarding to watch people grow and become independent. It is awesome to see people fall in love with themselves and treasure who they are…

My academic years and training: The Ohio State University, University of Louisville, Indiana University Southeast and Grand Canyon University online.

My experience in the workplace: Teaching and Counseling.



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