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The Holidays Look a Little Different This Year….

December 11, 2020 By People Advocating Recovery

Every person has a different experience throughout the holiday season. Maybe you are spending it with family in or out of town. Maybe you volunteer at a local shelter to give back. Perhaps you are one of those who spend the holidays with your adoptive family. This could be close friends from your support network or other groups that you volunteer with. For those of us in recovery, the holiday season can be an emotional one. However, there is cause for celebration. Our newfound freedoms and the ability to enjoy the festivities is one that many of us have not encountered before. This holiday seasons brings a particular set of new challenges, one that necessitates us to pause.

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The Recovery Movement: Claiming Our Space and Our Story

December 4, 2020 By People Advocating Recovery

Over the past decade a powerful recovery movement has continued to gain momentum as more and more people all across this country-from every background and socioeconomic status-courageously step away from fear and into their rightful place in their communities-claiming space, having their voices heard and weaponizing their journeys in the important fight against discrimination. Their stories of transformation, struggle, and most importantly—resilience—have created a beautiful patchwork quilt representing the actual experiences of real people. And more spaces exist today than at any other time in history built upon recovery-oriented principles specifically for people to experience recovery together, have fun, engage in activism and advocacy and stay connected to one another. Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs), recovery cafes and coffee shops, and even digital recovery platforms are now a reality. We are here. The revolution is here. And we are the revolution.

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