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Twelve Ideas for Helping a Loved One with Addiction

April 16, 2021 By People Advocating Recovery

I’ve heard it said that “what is urgent is rarely important, and what is important is rarely urgent”. That may be true about many things, but it surely did not feel true to me when my husband was in the midst of a destructive addiction to alcohol and other drugs, or later, when our son developed a terrifying love affair with cocaine. Everything felt urgent and life or death. I lost all perspective on decision making. Everything was frightening and beyond my coping skills.

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Life Learning Center

April 2, 2021 By People Advocating Recovery

Started in 2006 as a small non-profit that focused on the “root causes” of poverty, Life Learning Center (LLC) has transitioned into so much more today. In 2021, LLC is one of only eleven designated Recovery Community Centers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky that links individuals in recovery to various services, including employment support, mutual aid groups, counseling, and networking with others from the recovery community.

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How Do You Prevent Addiction In Kids?

March 19, 2021 By People Advocating Recovery

There’s much work that’s been done on “What makes kids resilient?” I like it, and I try to practice it mindfully, since I first heard it. The version I’m sharing here came from Bonnie Benard and Emmy Werner in the 1980’s on what makes children resilient. They looked at research on kids who grew up in war-torn countries, in poverty and as children of single parents. I like their take, as it is easy to recall and apply. It is simple and practical.

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The Age Old Plague Continues

March 12, 2021 By People Advocating Recovery

In The Plague Albert Camus was less prescient about plagues to come, or even descriptive of a certain plague among the many that had visited Oran over the centuries, than using that metaphor to describe “plague” inherent in the human reality. Today our reference defines plague as a highly contagious bacterial disease that comes in many forms and spreads globally as our world is interconnected. We want to highlight a plague that kills over 600,000 Americans every year, year in and year out.

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To Lead With Grace, Compassion, and Forgiveness

February 26, 2021 By People Advocating Recovery

I was asked to write a “blog” and I have never written a blog. I have no idea what I am doing but Mike suggested to use what I had already on social media. I wrote a great “blog” this morning when my brain was on fire from my morning run and then it drifted as I drove to work by “a forgotten dentist appointment, phone calls, etc.” Now you get the best of what is left from my mental mess.

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Food For Thought…

January 29, 2021 By People Advocating Recovery

I had a conversation this last week in relationship to thoughts, emotions and behavior and what my choices are today. If I have a knife… am I going to peel an apple or harm someone… when I get behind the wheel of a car… am I choosing to drive in harmony or am I using that car as a weapon…. and there’s many more….

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