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Alcohol Awareness Month

May 6, 2022 By People Advocating Recovery

On February 27, I celebrated my 90th year on the planet.  In all the years, alcohol was my only drug of choice.  It served me well until it didn’t. Upon my return to California in 2019 we started a new non-profit called The Purpose of Recovery.  As I finished research, I noted that Alcohol Awareness was being diminished by all else going on. As I did some research, I determined to edit language to feature alcohol. What I noted is that my language works in any month. I have been active in the recovery movement for many years.  Ok, who do we help and what do we ask them to say about alcohol? Particularly, how do we guide their research on talking to kids.?

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One Factor To Address Many Louisville Citizens’ Concerns

April 29, 2022 By People Advocating Recovery

A 2021 report in the Courier Journal listed the concerns of Louisvillians.

The recent attempt on the life of one mayoral candidate has affixed that issue in a noticeable way for him and many others.

A national survey by the Pew Research Center study from the same year listed a wider list but overlapping items including Education (58%), Crime (52%) Criminal Justice (45%). The Pew list also noted Healthcare Costs (61%), Jobs (52%), and Poverty (44%).  One item ranking low on the Pew Research list would make a substantial contribution to at least eight of these issues – treating and reducing addiction and substance abuse.

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Nor Is It A Bright Line

April 1, 2022 By People Advocating Recovery

Recently we wrote that the popular view of addiction in America is misinformed. The impression that addiction to alcohol and drugs is a problem for the homeless portrays only a fraction of alcohol and drug use, abuse and addiction. What does substance use, abuse and addiction look like? There isn’t a bright line; it isn’t that simple.

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February 11, 2022 By People Advocating Recovery

Vim: energy and enthusiasm.: Vigor: mental and moral strength. Virtualocity: The ability to move about among faces and places for learning opportunities. With vim and vigor, I can always go there, without leaving my chair and absorb things to share. I don’t forget diet and exercise, spiritual imperfection, and knowing real recovery.

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