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A Kentucky group of concerned individuals
working to eliminate barriers to recovery from addiction

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Recovery Organizations & Friends

Find Help Now KY is a real-time substance use disorder treatment availability locator and information center for Kentucky. The locator contains treatment providers and treatment openings across the Commonwealth of Kentucky including community mental health centers; private, non-profit, and faith-based treatment providers; and providers of medication assisted treatment. Providers are encouraged to update their treatment opportunities and facility information daily. also contains a multidisciplinary information center to help answer questions about substance use, treatment, and recovery resources. more>>

New website helps addicts find treatment
Kentuckians struggling with drug addiction have a new online tool to help them find treatment. is a free interactive website that includes information on 130 Kentucky providers. The website, which does not collect information about searches, takes users through a series of questions to help provide a list of treatment services that might be able to help. more>>

Voices of Hope
We envision a Community supporting People impacted by Addiction.

The Real Facts about Drugs more>>

The Jennifer Act-Helping the Addicted

Kentucky OAR Kentucky OAR (Online Addiction Resources)
Kentucky OAR was created to provide the Commonwealth of Kentucky with access to web-based information and resources on prevention, treatment, and recovery from alcohol, drugs, and other addictions.

Fatih Partners for Recovery
With a significant number of families affected by addiction, faith community leaders, staff and volunteers are called on to minister to family members and those struggling with the use of alcohol and/or other drugs. Faith Partners for Recovery offers a confidential and caring way to help faith communities direct their members to people and services to assist in healing. more>>



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Alcohol Treatment
Find a treatment or recovery facility in your area. more>>

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